You must learn to think different to be different. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, (or the iPad), we just want to use it more effectively and know how to communicate that information. Are you asking enough questions? Are you asking the right questions?

Why are you not telling your story? We believe everyone deserves to be celebrated, and we will show you how. We offer training on everything from classroom management to streaming sporting events. If your team is not being broadcast, learn how you can change that will little to no investment.
Training is central to all we do. No only do we offer a wide variety of training, but we seek out new learning opportunities of our own. We will even learn new material to train your team. We realize you will not implement beyond the level at which you become frustrated.

Since I built this site, and it has my picture at the top, I will speak to you directly as a friend. Don't get me wrong, I really considered having a third party write my bio and say nice things about me, but who wants to read a resume. Likely, if you are on this page, you are looking at the person and the product, both of which I can speak relatively confident about.

For the last 20 years I have invested my life in students and learning to communicate effectively. Often, that meant I would develop a plan to improve the technology and infrastructure of the places where I worked. I have worked with small budgets and big ideas, spent countless hours learning, wiring, installing, and developing media for churches and organizations. My college degree says church ministries, but I must say, they never offered a class in fine tuning a twenty year old sound system or getting the musty smell out of the room you were given as an office. I was intentional about my course load, and specifically shaped my credits toward cross-cultural communication and business development.

I have led large groups and small, outgoing and introvert, talented and...otherwise. You can find success and happiness anywhere, if you choose. My journey from urban centers to rural roads has given me an amazing perspective on the meaning of success and accomplishment. Of any item I could place on a resume, i choose father as my favorite, not because I think I am an expert, but because that is what brings the most reward.

I have two amazing boys. Kendall is my introspective child, always looking to find a way to help or learn something new. Blaine, my youngest, is a squirrel with a caffeine rush, and finds his way into creative mischief with a laugh and a smile. They share my passion for sports, statistics, and technology. Both continue to develop their skills and will undoubtedly suppress their old man before long.